Monday, September 3, 2012

Painting woodwork with creeky knees and bifocals.

We are in the midst of converting our computer/TV room into a bedroom.  We've been talking about it for a few years.  We've thrown all kinds of ideas and configurations around and then just gave up and decided we'd wait until one of us broke a hip.

Then last week the bedroom bug bit us again and we dashed off to buy a mattress and box springs, sheets and a quilt a JCPenney.  We also ordered a headboard and bed frame from their web site.
The next day we had the cable guy come over to move things around a bit.  The computer is now in the living room.

Then we had our pal, Doug, the guy who can do anything and everything, come over and he's going to turn our little laundry room (at the rear of our house, behind the new bedroom) into a walk-in closet.

I needed to set the stage so you'd understand the title for this blog entry.

Silly me - I thought we'd just move the old stuff out and move the new stuff into the bedroom.  Oh, hell no.  The woodwork needs cleaning up = painting the ceiling molding, one window, two doors with woodwork around each and a doorway.

Up and down the ladder 8 million times.  Down onto the knees 400 times.  Leaning left and right and torquing upward - I've lost count.  All the while looking through and over the frigging bifocals.

We're both feeling the results of all this painting.  Oh, I forgot, Petey has been doing some exterior painting as well - in the heat!

It's hell to get old.

But in another week or so we'll be sleeping downstairs, near the bathroom, and the laundry and fresh clothes will be but a few steps away.

We'll be livin' like the rich folks!!! 


  1. Leslye Wilson BursonSeptember 3, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    Are we going to see "pics in progress" ???

    1. I didn't take any "before" pictures - totally forgot but I'll certainly add some "afters" when we're in.

  2. I should do the nosy neighbor routine and come down there and check this all out. All the pain and hard work will be rewarded. Rich folks, huh? Didn't know I was living in the lap of luxury down here with my main floor bedroom and bath.