Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fair "left-overs"

 This is the "chicken" at the main gate.  Everyone calls it a chicken.  When people are paged to meet someone, often they are directed to go to the "chicken."  It wasn't until this year when I told someone to exit via the "chicken" that he said to me, "What chicken?"  I replied, "What do you mean what chicken - that thing at the front gate."  His response was, "Lady, that's not a chicken, it's a rooster."  Well, I'll be.  Wouldn't you think since we're a county fair (agricultural) that we'd know the difference?

 This is where I spent 3 of my 6 work days - at the main drive-in gate.

This is the booth next to the one I work in - Hi, Deb.  Hi, Marianne.

This is Judy.  She works the walk-in gate.  The "chicken" sits on top of her.

 I didn't get many animal pictures; I just didn't get around to it.  This guy refused to stand up for me.  I asked politely a few times and then he gave me the "fish eye" and I was afraid he was going to spit at me.  Camels spit, ya know.

Elephant ears are typical fair food.  I've only tasted one once.  Not my thing.

We watched this ride the other night.  I think it lasted all of 15 seconds.  We thought for sure we'd spotted a young man that was about hurl at the end but he seemed to be ok, although a little green around the gills.

 I did not get one of these cones filled with ice cream.

 I did, however, get a flurry one night and I might as well confess to getting a turtle sundae (ok, two) later on in the week.  I know my sister, Lisa, will tattle on me if I don't tell you right up front.

This is the hilltop gate.  I worked here 3 evenings; only one was rainy.

This was our bathroom.  I don't "do" porto-johns if I can help it.  They've come a long way over the years but I still held off and only used it once during my 3 nights on the hill.  I think that's a record.

 I don't know who these women are.  They stood like this forever until I finally caved and took their picture.  I think they were dating the guys that run the ferris wheel.

I'm not a fan of the cotton candy but people sure seem to love the stuff.

Never had these.

 I really don't know who these people are but the kids were so darned cute I just had to take their picture.

No clue on this game but the people were very intent.  Must have been for high stakes, eh?

And so another fair passes and we now get back to our "normal" lives.  Until next year.


  1. I love your fair nostalgia. I need to keep focused on that and not be a hater. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it as a kid, and feel now that as an Alleganite, I only go because I'd be a bad parent if I didn't bring the kids. This helps me change my perspective a bit!

    1. The fair is not for everyone, Gerb. You don't need to feel guilty if it's not your "thang."
      I try to put blinders on for a good part of it and focus on the folksy.

  2. Some of your night shots are the Ferris Wheel one! And I love the picture of the women dating the ferris wheel guys--too funny. : )

  3. The fair is full of nostalgia. I love seeing the 4-H kids' stuff. They work so hard on their projects, whether they be animals, sewing, cooking, woodworking and crafts. Also, I love to look at the photography, artwork and all the fruits and vegetables. I wish that they put the person's name on the pieces so that they were given credit for their work.

    As to the comment about the Chicken. That person was wrong. A "chicken" is the same analogy as a "human". There are male and female. Rooster, male; hen, female. They are all chickens. So go on referring to the "Chicken". You are correct. Can you tell that I grew up on a farm with chickens. By the way, I hated the roosters. They were always mean.

    1. Ann, I totally agree about giving name credit to the art pieces; we've been saying that for years. I'm sure the artists would love it too.
      And thank you for the "chicken" info, farm girl.