Sunday, January 7, 2018

Same Rules Apply. Or do they?

Growing up we were schooled in table manners.  I'm pretty sure we were although I have to admit I don't remember any specific instruction.

I'm sure "don't talk with your mouth full" and "no elbows on the table" were inferred if not mentioned out loud but that was probably the extent of our education.

On to Stephens College for Women where Miss Manners went in to overdrive.  I will freely admit that I haven't hung on to a lot of the lessons I learned there but the one I remember well is:  you can reach for something on the table as long as your backside (fanny? bottom?) doesn't leave your chair.  Words to live by, right?

So tonight at dinner, with elbows on the table, I was wondering how many people relax their table manners when they dine alone.

Do you do things you wouldn't do in a restaurant with people watching or when you have dinner guests?

What brought this to mind tonight - besides the elbows - was when I stuffed a quarter of an orange into my mouth which caused my cheek to bulge in an unsightly way. I would have cut it into dainty pieces if I was out in public.

Or if you're in a hurry have you ever eaten a meal while standing at the sink, leaning and chewing? And if it's a sandwich did you even bother cutting it in half?

I won't even get into drinking from the milk carton while standing at the fridge with the door open.  Now that's disgusting!!!

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