Monday, October 3, 2016

Another dinner club experience

The Minteks hosted this food-fest.  We were all trying to adapt to the fact that we weren't spending time at the "farm house" as in the past years but instead in their home here in Allegan.

As much as we all look forward to spending the night near the big lake, we still got a "warm/fuzzy" from their home.

Somehow the picture of the beautifully set table didn't make it in the transfer from the phone to the PC - but, take my word for it, it was glorious. 

Pre-dinner goodies.  Figs were in the one beside the pizza looking yummers.  Both were very, very tasty. 

The bar.

Once we loaded up the small plates with snacky bites, we headed out through the yard to the deck on the river.

Before hitting the stairs toward the deck, I snapped this one of the river below.  

The "think tank" at work.  They got busy quickly.

Molly stood guard while we gathered on the deck.

Greek salad

A fancy chicken entree (can't remember the name) with side veggies.

Apple pie that completely blew me away.

Great food and the laughter got so out-of-hand at one point someone almost fell out of his chair.

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