Sunday, November 1, 2015

There's a new kid in town

Friends and neighbors, Doug Buter and Karen Koll, are doing something exciting and very cool at their home.

They've opened Studio 442 and filled it with beautiful things including jewelry, furniture, floral pieces, edible goodies and more.

They are located at 442 Cutler Street here in Allegan and will be open weekends through the holidays and then . . . ?

They're on the corner of Pine and Cutler.
Something to sit on.

Something to hang on your wall or door.

Something to place your pretty things in.

Something to sit and admire.

Something to hang around your neck.

Doesn't this bring back the old beaded curtain days?

This would look great any time of the year anywhere.

Perfect for admiring yourself which I like to do . . . often.

Storing socks or pencils in I'm thinking.

Multi-purpose shelving.  Multi-purpose jars, too.

A tisket, a tasket.  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

A trio looking for a home.

More pretties.

Even better viewing in person.  You need to check this place out.

Studio 442.  Stop in either before or after my open house next weekend.

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