Saturday, June 20, 2015

Altamore Ristorante

A while back I was noodling around on FB and put in our name and was surprised at the number if Altamores I found.
Kathryn Altamore tipped me off to a joint in Illinios that we should check out - Altamore Ristorante.

So we did.

Here's Petey outside the entrance to the restaurant.  You enter through the back and park back there as well.

Here's the entrance.  Can you hear Sinatra singing already?

The waiting area is cozy and has things to buy.

Need any cookies?

How about some olive oil?

This is the front.  I can't tell you how seeing our name on a building felt.  Smiling like goons we were.

And on a lighted sign?  Over the moon!

The seating area upstairs has a very comfy feel to it and the same goes for the downstairs.

See?  Can you spot Petey?  Where's Petey?

We were treated like family.  Before the evening ended we felt like it too.  The food is all prepared on the premises by AnnaMaria, (Alberto's wife) and his mother, Nancy and I'm tellin' ya, we have never had anything better.  It was amazing!!!

Here's Petey and his new "cousin" Alberto, the proprietor extrodinaire. 

We decided that this needs to be an annual event.  Without getting too sentimental I have to say that it was emotional.

And we also decided (ok maybe it's just me) that we're taking the original pronunciation of our name back.

No more Alta-more (like the opposite of less).  
It's Alta-mor-eh. Accent on the "mor."

Got it?  


  1. I like the new pronunciation! My folks traveled around the country visiting all the cities named Pomeroy (my maiden name) and taking pictures of signs, etc. I always get a kick out of finding a character named Pomeroy in books I read. So I get your emotional reaction to this great find.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sal. It truly was a great time and a memory we'll hang onto until the next trip.