Monday, June 15, 2015

A Rural Gem

Petey and I have been members of the AAAC (Allegan Area Arts Council) for many years. They host wonderful events and sponsor some great classes.

The annual meeting was held yesterday at a place we didn't know existed. It was one of those "holy cow how long has this place been here?" moments as we pulled into the parking area.

The Barn at Monterey Valley is an amazing sight pulled together by owners Pat and Jack Dendel.

A beautifully landscaped area with pond and stepping stones bordered by lovely plantings leading up the hill.

A close-up of the tiled piece in front of the pond.

This pond is directly behind the barn.

This is a closer look at the little chapel on the far side of the pond.  The bell gets a work out after each wedding ceremony.

The interior of the barn.

Artist members were encouraged to bring examples of their work.

Centerpieces befitting the venue.

Belly up to the bar.

Everywhere I turned there was another special touch put in place by someone who has a great eye and a fantastic design mindset.


Mother Nature wasn't cooperating yesterday so we didn't get a chance to check out the labyrinth.  Another time.

This is Pat Dendel.  I wish there had been more time to get the back story on this fabulous place but, also, that will have to be another time.

Check out the art on display.

A sing-along ensued led by the Ukelele Ladies.  I know that's not what they're called but I can't remember what it is and I'm liking my version.

The Barn at Monterey Valley.  Check it out.

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