Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Gulfport is a kissin' cousin to St.Pete.  We hung out there on Sunday afternoon with friends.

It's a liberal, open-minded place and quite arty.  Right on the water as well.

Behind Petey is Kathi, next comes Mary, Cathy, me and Bunkie.

This funky gate was inside an old hotel right smack dab in the middle of Gulfport.

The hotel lobby.

This is simply a shot of the arty color combos that happen in Gulfport.

Outdoor seating at one of the restaurants and a musician that you can't really see way in the back.

Another shot just for the color.

Silly us.  We actually thought we could get a table at the hottest place in town on a beautiful afternoon.  O'Maddy's.

Several other people had the same idea.  A one hour wait.  We sought out another eatery.

In our search for an alternate establishment we lost Bunkie and Petey to the wily ways of this "lady."

We found a spot!  It also had outdoor seating around the side but the music was pretty loud and we wanted a quiet place to chat so we sat out front.  See the above group photo.

This seating area was right next to our table.  Some of us thought it would be a perfect napping spot.
Between the 6 of us no one bought a damn thing.  Cheapskates. 

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