Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Who knew

Yes.  Those are curls or maybe some would call them active waves.  WTH!  How long have they been there?  All my life and I never knew it?  You mean I went through all those "Dippity-do" sessions with mom out on the back porch for nuthin'?

Apparently so.  Gosh, sure wish I'd known that.  I have to give credit where credit is due, though.  If it hadn't been for my trustworthy stylist, Michelle Rutledge, this coolio affect would never have happened.

One day Michelle said to me - "El, how'd you like to try embracing the wave."  I only thought it over for a minute or so - cuz - she's "trustworthy."

I knew I'd have to let my hair grow longer than I'm used to but she encouraged me along the way. And . . . .

BAM!  I'm a happy, curly/wavy gal these days.  

Thanks, Michelle!!!

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