Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fair 2017 Observations

It was another great year working the front gate at the Allegan County Fair.

This year was extra great for a few reasons: 1) the weather was outstanding!  A tiny bit of rain (not enough to keep anyone away) in the middle of the week but otherwise - all 9 days were pleasant as all get-out. 2) no computer problems.  Not one. Compared to last year (every frigging day - several times a day which caused all the gate "keepers" high anxiety), it was a walk in the park. 3) Our tech support people - Kim and Misha - were ever-present and so, so helpful. And last but not least 4) no buttheads came through my gate.

I will confess to taking an attitude adjustment break about an hour and a half before my last shift ended because . . . . it was my last shift.  I was tired, my feet and back hurt and my usual smart-ass good humor was waning. 

I observed something interesting on "Senior Day."  The majority of people that came through my gate on this day knew how much $$$ they had to hand me and had it ready - in the right amount.  Didn't need change.  What does that tell you?

"Veterans Day" was and always has been my favorite day.  I loved looking into the eyes of the young and older, the men and the women and telling them I appreciated their service.

So, one corn dog and 2 Gibby's fries later I'm back to my daily routine.  


  1. Sounds like a great week. Good people, great food, and fantastic weather!

    1. No Butt Heads went through your gate, because you made me go through the walk through gate. I agree a great fair this year. Not a big surprise.