Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cell phones

Petey and I got into cell phones quite a while ago.  Tracfones, to be specific.  Never needed any of those fancy ones - the ones that cost an arm and a leg back in the day.

Nope.  Plain Jane flip phones were fine for us.  We really just needed to be able to call 911 if we got into trouble.

Then we took a step up and got the new Tracfone "Smart phone."
This was after other incarnations of Tracfones came and went.

My sister, Lisa, kept bugging me in a nice sisterly way:  Jesus, will ya get with the program and get an iphone.  Nice sisterly.

Finally a while back she upgraded and gave me her old iphone 4.
OOOOOOOOOOH, baby.  I was in love.

I gave my old Tracfone to Petey because his (exactly like mine) was acting weird.

That lasted until my old/his new (sorta) phone started dying.

What's a gal to do?  I bought a new iphone 5se and gave Petey my/Lisa's old 4.

Now we're both in love.  Truth be told, he is a bit envious of the things the 5 will do that the 4 can't.

Do you smell a new 5 comin' Petey's way?

Remember the "arm and leg" reference up top? hahaha, laughing at myself.  Oh, well.  Gotta stay current or the kids are going to run right over us.

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