Sunday, April 3, 2016

Florida, 2016

We're back up here in the frozen north after a month in Florida.
We've been going down for the month of March for several years now and have enjoyed everything except the long, damn drive.

Now for the "flower" portion of this blog.

After four long months of "no color no where," these were a welcome sight.

Now to the food section:

Yes.  They really do serve them.  Our second trip back we saw this guy getting ready to chow down.  When I asked if I could take a picture of his meal, a very proud look came over his face.

This was what I ordered.  A delicate burger with some killer fries.

Miscellaneous pics:

Our friend Kathi helped us celebrate 9 years since my breast cancer diagnosis.

Getting our Florida on.  This is in front of the Chihuly museum.  We spent most evenings strolling downtown with the rich folk.

These guys fascinate me.

A one-shot definition of Florida.

Our last morning in St.Pete.

Welcome home?

A not-so-unusual April sight in south west Michigan.
 It's nice to be home, even with the snow and cooler temps.  

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