Thursday, August 13, 2015


Anyone want to hear about my sore glutes and hams?  Wait, wait, don't touch that dial - this is going to be interesting and helpful.
I promise.

I've been having issues for several years with sore "you know whats" and my hamstrings.

I've tried various stretches and massage therapy which helped but was never good at staying with it so after a while the discomfort would return.

Recently I've been in a good bit of pain which took up residence right smack dab in the middle of my left butt cheek.  It hurt all the damn time - I was miserable.

I know how to stretch the area but my sister, Lisa, showed me a yoga pose (the pigeon) which really helped.  I didn't think I could do it at first - there was a lot of groaning - but I kept at it and could tell the difference after a week or so.

What really helped, along with the stretches, though was the tennis ball.  Yup.  Put one of those little bad boys underneath your back side and lie on the floor.  Yowza, mama, it is amazing.

It's a little more involved than that but I'm telling you it has turned my life around.

I've used tennis balls before on my back but never thought about my rear end and hip area.  I'm thanking Youtube for the visual tutorial.  The bone cracker was cute, too, which helped.

Of course I still have some pain - I'm old - but nothing compared to a couple of months ago.

This was a public service announcement.  You're welcome. 

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