Saturday, July 11, 2015

A tick!!! Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

I didn't sleep well last night.  Something to do with the overhead fan and the cool air that was circulating around my head.  I kept waking up and trying to move the covers into a position that would be more sleep conducive. 

I finally stumbled out of bed at 6:15 this morning and dragged my tired bod into the bathroom - right after turning on the coffee pot.

As I flicked on the light I noticed a black spot on my chest.  I immediately thought it was chocolate.  That wouldn't be totally out of the question for me.  Sometimes a chocolate chip misses my mouth and lands elsewhere on my body but I didn't remember eating any cookies last night.

I was also pretty sure it wasn't a mole or a big ass freckle.  I mean it wasn't there yesterday (I would have noticed) and they don't grow that fast.

So I went to wipe it off.  It didn't move.  Then I tried flicking and that was unsuccessful.  I don't have long fingernails but they're functional when it comes to prying stuff off places so I gave that a try.

The spot came off - partially - but some of it was still STUCK TO ME!

I don't exactly remember what happened next.  The panic must have frozen my brain.  I found myself looking at the black spot on the edge of the sink.  I guess I put it there but I don't remember doing that.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I hadn't put my glasses on yet so I was operating under less than perfect conditions.

Ok, back to the conscious moment when I realized it was a BUG and not just any BUG . . . . A TICK!!!

I didn't run screaming for Petey.  He was still asleep and really - what was he going to do?  I'd already removed the little bugger and then flushed him/her down the toilet.

After Mr.Sleepyhead got up I checked him for ticks because, hello, it had to have been in our bed.  I also gave Augie a once over and they were both fine.

First time tick encounter for me and I really, really hope it was my last.  I've been scratching ever since.

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