Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dental rescue mission

I'm a flosser.  Do you floss?  I can't go to bed at night until I've flossed.

So, as per my nightly ritual, I was flossing away Sunday night when the floss got stuck.  I'm mean really wedged in there - between two lower molars.

As I tugged it shredded.  Part of it was still hanging on top of my tongue and the other half was trailing outside my mouth and down my chin.

I yanked and it just got worse.  Then the tools came out.  My little jewelry pliers did nothing but cut the floss even shorter so now there was nothing to grab a hold of.

hmmm.  I decided to give the area a rest.

I went back two or three more times (with flashlight in hand) and couldn't even begin to get more floss in there.

I'll wait and call my dentist in the morning.

He's on spring break!!!  Yikes!!!

I went to the office anyway because I was thinking I didn't really need a dentist to help me out - the hygienists are the ones that are the backbone to every dental office, right?

Robin Granger came to the rescue.  It wasn't a quick fix, though.  At one point (I think I saw a bit of sweat on her brow) she said, "And I thought this was going to be a slam dunk," she pulled out her tools.

Finally, my molars were smiling in their new found freedom.

Thanks, Robin, for going the extra mile in this dental rescue.

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