Thursday, April 17, 2014

I found my pics!

You've all seen these but I want to get them back on the blog for posterity.  Bear with me.

Trip's diner

Focus on the cheese grits

SoCal style; healthy but yummy

View from one of our favorite restaurants:  Dewey Destin


LaFamiglia on the Harborwalk

View of HarborWalk

Dinner @ Harry T's

View of Harborwalk from beach opposite Harry T's

Whew, I feel better now.  Do you?


  1. I will bear with you. I will not bare with you. Sorry.

    1. Oh, come on, Sal. Let's have some fun.
      Ya know, I gave that word a good 3 seconds of my precious time; it's always confused me a bit.
      Thanks for straightening me out - I'll go change it now.